smells like . . . oatmeal

Tommy: “Mom, can you get by the co-op this week?” Me: “Umm, why? Do you need something?” Tommy: “Yeah, my dorm room gets really stinky, so I want some horse feed to leave out in a bowl to make the room smell good. Not the cheap feed though. The good stuff that smells so fresh.” […]

world’s longest umbilical cord

Thursday night, Tommy called to say that he wanted to stay at school instead of coming home. Fine. Then, he asked me to bring him clean clothes. Not fine. I explained that ALL of his pants and underwear were already in his dorm room. Without a moment’s hesitation he asked me to drive up the […]

dream analysis 101

I have been having recurring dreams lately. In one of them, I am moving Tommy into his dorm in my jammies. In the dream, I am aware that I need to get dressed, I just don’t seem able to do so. Don’t you hate it when your dreams are so obvious you can’t ignore them?