SpEd Vouchers

TN just passed a voucher bill for about 18,000 TN students with IEPs for “Autism, Down’s Syndrome and other severe mental disabilities, deaf and blind children, and those with severe physical disabilities.” It looks like the current plan is to take about $550 per month, per child from the public schools and allow families to […]

Students before politics

I’m weary of people being dismissed from participating in discussions and decisions about education if they don’t have subjectively determined bona fides. Education shouldn’t matter only to people with underage children. Interest in education should not be limited to the school closest your home. Education determines the quality of life now and in the future […]

I love my child’s high school

When I walk in my children’s middle or elementary school, the office employees do not know how to pronounce my child’s name. Today, I was told, “It’s good that we don’t know your child. It means they don’t get in trouble.” When any parent walks in my child’s high school, there is someone in that […]

Can I submit my response in writing?

I go to meetings. I’ve been to happy meetings, sad meetings, loud meetings and quiet meetings. I could write a Dr.Seuss poem about meetings. I do write my reflections after attending meetings. Most of the reflections are stored away for a bit, re-read, then unceremoniously trashed. Last week, I attended a listen and learn meeting. […]


I like jigsaw puzzles. The only thing that prevents me from always having a puzzle in progress is my failure to convince Pomegranate to let me be a puzzle tester. Even with large gaps of time between puzzles, they are a familiar enough sight that visitors comment when there ISN’T a puzzle on the table. […]

Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

While one of my children graduates from high school in a few weeks, my youngest child is in Kindergarten. The difference in their education is tangibly different. When my oldest children started school, we played games like breaking everything down into circles, squares and triangles. My youngest child know the geometric shapes based on the […]

local elections – school board version (pt 2)

If you live in the 9th district, your School Board choice can be narrowed down to one simple question. If you want to continue with the representation you have now, Bratton is your candidate. If you want something different, Trainor is your candidate. If you live in a cave and don’t know that both of […]

local elections – school board version

If you live in Knox County’s seventh district, your choice for School Board is Sepesi or Warwick. Both seem like good people with sincere motives. Because of their career histories, both are going to be clear and quick thinkers if there is a crisis. If you want to save vo-tech programs, Warwick is your candidate. […]

Dear English teacher,

There are so many wonderful books that are considered classics. Having to narrow it down to one semester’s worth of choices is something I have discussed with others on more than one occasion. Your choices are somber and thought provoking. Even with the focus on emotional struggle that you have chosen, I have to question […]

no guilt allowed

Dear Katie, You have given your children love and support since before they were born. You have done NOTHING to warrant any kind of guilt inflicted upon yourself. Stomp that feeling into the dirt and keep doing what you were already doing. Love, Cathy When we first become parents, we have prepared by reading 5 […]