Goodbye Fringe (spoilers)

Love. Fate. Hope. Forgiveness. Sacrifice. Love. It always comes back to love. In the end, it had to be Walter. When we were teased with a second syringe, it still had to be Walter. When Donald attempted to change the plan, everyone knew that Donald would die because, it had to be Walter. Walter started […]

I will shut up about this in one week

I used to say that the most unsatisfying ending for Fringe would be the entire story taking place in an institutionalized Walter’s head. I have changed my mind. The most unsatisfying ending would be Walter having a Venture Industries warehouse full of giant test tubes.

Walter’s Records

Walter’s records are a character with dialogue on Fringe. I sat down to throw together (and gift myself) a quick iMix of the perfectly chosen music for Walter, but that feature seems to have vanished from iTunes. Although most of the classical pieces are placeholders while I choose my favorite version, here is my still […]