he and she: group version

Females at the table: “We spent forever assembling it and she took it apart in minutes.” “He wants a $150. model that will end up a pile of pieces in the giant bucket of pieces he already owns.” Every male at the table: “They are Legos. You are SUPPOSED to take them apart.”

Girls v Boys – Stomach Bug

Girls – At the first hint of digestive difficulties, girls stop eating to avoid vomit. They would rather sleep on the bathroom floor than have an accident in their bedroom. Girls will quietly play or watch a cartoon between naps. The first sign of recovery is the girl changing from pitiful to cranky. Even when […]

hugs, not words

I inflicted a non-romantic broken heart upon myself this week. In the grand scheme of things, the entire episode is unimportant to anyone but me. Brooding about this one small thing became a giant Katamari of drama that should be illegal if you are not a teenager. Despite being together forever and knowing each other […]

Just a girl

“She gets migraines” is the new “but what if she’s on her period” and it’s equally silly.

Girls v Boys – Valentine’s Day

8-year-old Amy carefully wrote the name of each classmate on a valentine. Some of the i’s were dotted with hearts. She signed her name to each one with extraneous swirls on her y’s. The list of names was doubled checked and the cards were tucked gently in a ziploc bag until Monday. 5-year-old Evan grumbled […]


Sarah has sleepover guests on a regular basis. Once, she had 16 guests. It was exhausting, but easy. I understand girls. Now that she and her friends are teenagers, I know exactly what they are thinking and plotting. Going head to head with her is frustrating, but I know that it’s a dance we must […]