Graduation 2014

Noah is now a graduate of the L&N STEM Academy with an Honors and Distinction Diploma. He is a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He is also thoughtful, funny and wonderful.

We don’t need no stinking printers

As I was trying to think of something optimistic to say to all of the Senior parents questioning why behemoth Balfour shows no signs of delivering the mass printed invitations for an event that is less than five weeks away, the world’s cutest handcrafted graduation announcement arrived in my mailbox. Now, I’m considering anarchy. Everyone […]


“Did you turn in your graduation announcements order form and check when you got measured for your cap and gown?” “Well, I was running late for lunch and umm, uh, no. I didn’t do any of that stuff.” “You had ONE job.” “Actually, I had many jobs. I had to do my internship paperwork, study […]