Anniversary post mortem

Didn’t get a self esteem enhancing tattoo. Didn’t get to admire the Tattoo Con artists like a live art museum. No surprise tickets to a book convention. The entirety of our anniversary celebration was me reading a book while the husband juggled with scary clowns. A guy dressed like a 13-y-o going trick or treating […]

annual Thanksgiving prep convo

He: “I have one day available before Thanksgiving company arrives. What would you like me to focus on getting done?” She: “The bathroom and kitchen need scrubbing. I’d like a driver for the grocery shopping so I don’t have to deal with the chaos of the grocery store parking lot.” He: “I was thinking of […]

white food

“What do you want for Thanksgiving dinner?” “Macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs and rolls.” “Is that all?” “Whipped cream.”

this IS the good stuff

Dad and Professor Teen went camping yesterday, so the two youngest and I huddled under blankets in our basement bedroom and watched Stardust. SuperTween declared it her new favorite movie. Since the answer to “what was your previous favorite” was The Hobbit, I suspect that whatever she watched most recently is her favorite. I’ll have […]

marching bands grow grapefruit

“Our Christmas grapefruit is here!” “How do you know that it’s grapefruit? It could be oranges or pears.” “Oranges and pears come from the grocery. Grapefruit comes in a box from UPS.” Maybe we should buy grapefruit more often.

The case FOR holiday cards

All year long, I use email, SMS and social networks to communicate with people. I leave a lot of digital footprints, but nothing that would survive a terrible magnet attack. The exception is the card that I mail every Christmas season. Since I have read several anti-card posts this week, I am going to attempt […]

Doug <\3 holidays

Doug: “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Me: “A new splash screen.” Doug: “What do you want me to BUY you for Mother’s Day?” Me: “You can give me a new splash screen for my birthday.”

St. Patrick’s Day

As a child, we were not allowed to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. My father’s speech sounded something like, “That is not a Christian holiday and as Americans, we don’t support the IRA mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah.” All I heard was, “You’re gonna get pinched.” I should make a big deal about St. Patrick’s Day just to […]

12 Days of Christmas (our version)

On the first day of Christmas, my children gave to me, one lump on the head. On the second day of Christmas, my children gave to me, two different black eyes. On the third day of Christmas, my children gave to me, three hangnails. On the fourth day of Christmas, my children gave to me, […]