What’s happening in my child’s school?

If last month’s PTA meeting was Pythonesque fun, then today’s meeting was a demonstration in frustration. The parents were frustrated that their children were subjected to a random weapon search. “We didn’t KNOW that was a new policy.” The principal was frustrated that the parents were upset. “Didn’t you get the *automated call this morning?” […]

If I had stimulus dollars (for schools)…

Our school system could benefit from a lot of things. Old, decrepit buildings need repairs and shiny new buildings need basic supplies. We have students with multiple disabilities who need adaptive equipment and gifted students who need advanced tools and information. Maybe our new Super would like to put his STEM high school in a […]

Dear Knox County Schools,

When School Matters was created, I pretty much stopped writing about school topics on this blog. As the site has gained users, I realized that I was spending more of my time nudging discussions and calming tempers than just writing what was on my mind. That ends now. When the Superintendent search was narrowed down […]

teenagers are not criminals

I am no longer surprised to see how half an hour of talking to a reporter will play as a single blurb. The only point that my random quote made is that I am AGAINST random searches in schools. Those searches won’t be random. Children of particular religions, races, genders and groups will be harassed […]

My School System Wish List

Children need to believe in themselves and the power of education BEFORE they leave elementary school. PTA/PTO groups should make that their focus. Outside groups need to make it their focus, too. There should be groups specifically targeting the children of incarcerated parents that instill in children the belief that they do not have to […]

How I ruined Color Guard

Have you seen this? According to my 15-year-old, I’m an all-powerful, evil villain who is personally responsible for all the woes of Bearden High School’s Color Guard. Students in Color Guard get a credit on their high school transcript. Since they are on block schedule, the class is about 25% of their regular school day. […]