what to wear

Did I interact with other adults like a normal human being yesterday or did I spend the entire day sitting in carpool lines and shuttling children to/from activities? If mom taxi solitude, then wear yesterday’s outfit again. Of course, if yesterday’s outfit was the only thing that kept my sweat soaked back from sticking to […]

Nancy Drew Housewife Mysteries

Book One: Socks While using her reasoning powers to track down the partners to missing socks, Nancy encounters a pair of socks that do not belong to anyone in her house. It will take all of Nancy’s skills to find the owner of the UNCLAIMED SOCKS! Coming soon – Book Two: The School Supply List

play > grime

“You’re getting your shirt dirty.” “My mom doesn’t care.” He’s right. Soap is cheap. Memories of a full childhood are priceless.

the elves run free

Everyone should have seen it coming. The complaints were getting louder and the glares were lasting longer. Still, when it finally happened, there was a collective gasp. The pause in breathing fueled the black hole in the room. The black hole was created by the quiet stillness of horror at the realization that she had […]

not-so-great mysteries

In the past two days, I stripped all the beds and laundered *everything. When I went to re-make all the beds, I had one extra twin mattress pad and a missing full size mattress pad. Did I have a twin mattress pad on a full mattress? It doesn’t fit now, so how could it have […]


If you watched a giant, brown recluse looking spider crawl deep into the dirty laundry that you just put in the washing machine, would you: A. Empty the washer and remove the spider so that your clean laundry isn’t covered in spider bits OR B. Slam the lid and run the wash so that you […]

laundry quickies

Two things to move me toward my unintentional evolution into a laundry blogger: First, I would like my spouse and children to be admitted into the Justice League based on their ability to dematerialize and materialize at will. Evidence of this power is the daily pile of “Night of the Comet” clothing with no evidence […]

world’s longest umbilical cord

Thursday night, Tommy called to say that he wanted to stay at school instead of coming home. Fine. Then, he asked me to bring him clean clothes. Not fine. I explained that ALL of his pants and underwear were already in his dorm room. Without a moment’s hesitation he asked me to drive up the […]