sum of the parts

“Wait. Is Granny sticking her hand in a dryer fire when you were little the reason you nag everyone so much about cleaning the dryer vents?” “I am everything that has happened in my past plus generations of genetic memory.” “Does that mean yes?” “Yes.”

stuck on pause

My mental filing cabinet holds a vivid memory of the last place I see someone. If I never see them again, in my mind they are trapped forever in that place. My summer routines are completely different than my school year routines. This week, I’ve revisited places that I haven’t been since school let out […]


Today, an 80-something gentleman talked and I listened. I occasionally spoke, but my words were just connectors that threaded the man’s stories together. He asked me if I knew anyone who could write a program to help him get his opinions on the Internet. I wrote inside the front cover of the journal he […]