After watching the psychological whirlpool that the Watertown hostages experienced with courage, confidence and determination to overcome, my children are no longer allowed to whine about safety check lockdowns being bo-o-oring.

news and commentary = chicken and egg

This week’s Daily Show has been political satire perfection. We were gifted a week of brilliantly insightful sarcasm that culminated in Friday’s episode. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c RNC 2012 – The Road to Jeb Bush 2016 – A Fistful of Awesome Daily Show Full Episodes Political […]

Link dump

1. Assange’s autobiography being leaked is hilarious. 2. When Lamar Alexander is too liberal for TN, party has taken precedence over people. 3. I had mixed feelings about the Gibson raid until Marsha Blackburn made this her pet project. Now, I’m siding with the environmentalists. 4. The death penalty is about revenge, not justice. 5. […]

Today we learned:

1. Never ride a Greyhound bus or walk barefoot in downtown Nashville. 2. In an earthquake, Twitter is more fun and informative than Facebook. 3.Even the most physically and mentally active people are vulnerable, but they remain superheroes. 9:30 pm Aspie Caveman quote: “Was there an earthquake today?”


When you cease to investigate and report facts so that you can focus on repeating opinions found on social media sites, you are an opinion aggregator and not news. When your economic model is HuffPo’s make money off free submissions from users, you do not have reporters and are not news. User submitted pictures of […]

Everyone’s children

I have been uncharacteristically quiet about a local tragedy for several reasons. First, better writers are giving it the attention it deserves. Second, I don’t see any good or bad guys. I see teenagers. Everyone involved in this is connected in far less than six degrees from every other teenager in Knoxville. When I did […]

thinking like a 7-y-o

In the wee hours of the morning, I heard thunder and pulled the covers up tighter. Doug went to check for flooding and/or tree damage. Evan crawled in our bed for snugglies. When we all got out of bed a few hours later, we learned the noise was something worse than any of us imagined. […]

I still need professional media

I don’t need newspapers. I do need the people-formerly-known-as-newspaper-writers. I need an online news source that gathers only the truth from rumors on blogs and provides an honest and accurate explanation of local news. I need someone to explain the what if we do and what if we don’t of proposed political amendments. More than […]

I like my bubble

As Thanksgiving dinner digested and the children wandered off until they heard the word dessert, newspapers became one of our many topics of conversation. My mother expressed displeasure in the local paper’s recent changes and my father scoffed at my suggestion that he was the last generation to rely on newspapers. Actually, he laughed at […]