all things end

For an assortment of reasons, we will no longer be doing a Christmas card picture. The pictures, and the photo session attached to each and every one, are priceless memories to me. Thank you for allowing me to share those moments in time.

school pictures

It is school picture time again. Freshmen pictures had to be pre-ordered and paid for sight unseen. Unbeknown to me, the high school freshman made a last minute change to his wardrobe and chose the same color shirt as the color I specified for a background. His picture will look like a weatherman in a […]

first day of preschool

Last year, Evan’s preschool asked parents to create a collage that would introduce their child to the teachers. This was our first attempt: This year, for an assortment of reasons, which actually include a crazy stalker, we switched preschools. The new preschool asked for a family picture. We don’t have an official family picture, so […]