potty training – epic fail

Well, Evan does have total control of when and where he does it. He just won’t do it where it should be done. Instead, he runs out front and decorates a tree and dances back in the house bragging about his accomplishment. I give this routine about 24 hours before one of the neighbors asks […]

further proof the boy is feral

We are still failing all efforts to potty train Evan. Every single person in the family is participating in the encouragement and every single person is participating in the hazmat cleanup. How is it that this little person can’t make it to the bathroom, but CAN make it to the play kitchen sink? Repeatedly. Why […]

poo and pee

Doug claims that the children and pets have made poo and pee a major part of every day. I tend to agree with him. We are dog sitting for my mother’s slightly naughty Corgi this week. She is somewhat less than housebroken. Besides the constant yellow puddles on the floor, she occasionally jumps on a […]