no progress today

The crew didn’t show up today. They missed four hours of bright sunshine, but they also missed a mean hail storm with excessive thunder and lightning. Tomorrow’s forecast looks equally ominous, so I don’t expect the crew to return until Friday. Unfortunately, the house is currently less prepared for bad weather than when the construction […]

Repair Progress

First, there were a series of storms. So, we removed the old shutters. New windows replaced the broken, leaky windows. New siding replaced the hail dented siding.

running water

I couldn’t lean back, touch the walls or let a single drop of water escape, but I took a bath. I took a bath in the new bathtub, in my bathroom, in my house. It felt amazing. Unbeknownst to me, while the water filled the tub, the downstairs bathroom was taking a shower. Since there […]

Kudzu Project Options

Since there is still no way to bathe in our house and I can almost braid the hair on my legs, I have compiled a list of possible choices. 1. Apply for federal disaster aid to hire a contractor. – I don’t think self made problems compare to acts of nature, but Doug IS a […]

three different ones – pt. 3

The boys stripped the upstairs bathroom down to nothing and the downstairs bathroom, directly below, became the only toilet for our seven person household. The youngest children hate the basement bathroom. It has been stripped down to the concrete foundation and cinderblock walls, so it is very, very cold. I dislike the cold seat, but […]