Thanksgiving “prep”

I’m going to get up in the morning at a time when nocturnal people should be in bed. I’m going to get food started and go back to bed. Nobody, especially the husband, had better wake me with the sound of rip saws, power screwdrivers, wires being snaked in drywall, fuse boxes slamming or screams […]

cleaning /= construction

Somewhere in my husband’s brain, the code for cleaning has been overwritten by the code for home repair and renovation projects can be fixed only by Can someone please patch it with a holiday loophole to correct this program on major holidays?

it started with a drip

The sink in the downstairs bath has dripped forever. A few weeks ago, Doug decided to fix the drip. His “fix” was to replace the faucet. This was not a Doug plan that required any input from me. This was barely blue-green on the Doug’s “plan” scale. When he decided that the pipes underneath the […]

Doug likes to start projects

Why has Doug dragged the fridge to the middle of the kitchen floor? Are we doing something different? When I was pregnant with Amy I sent a note out to family and friends about Doug’s projects. It said:      Although bits of information about Doug’s pregnancy have gotten out, I have failed to keep everyone […]