I know I am the last person on planet Earth to say this, but I went to an Ikea store. Wait. Back up a bit. I have heard Ikea mentioned in conversations for years. Online, I know Ikea from its’ starring role at Make. In my mind, Ikea was a Target filled with assembly-required boxes […]

how not to shop

After many weeks of listening to “I don’t have aaaaanything to wear” whines several times a day, I took the clothing-deprived complainer to a discount department store. Before we walked in the store, I asked what our focus would be. “I definitely need shoes. I also need pants and shirts. Oh, also socks and underwear.” […]

shopping assistant

Grandaddy: “I’m at the bookstore and I need to find something for your mother.” Me: “Do you want to give her a book, music or coffee?” Grandaddy: “I want to get a CD and one book.” Me: “Okay. Walk to the music area and find the pop section” Grandaddy: “Found it.” Me: “Look for Jack […]

late night errands

If I want to visit the store without the entire entourage, I go late at night. The entertaining antics of late night shoppers is just an extra bonus. Friday I needed to visit the red bullseye store for diapers. I grabbed the diapers and wandered the clearance racks because it’s a sickness and I can’t […]

Sarah says:

Danny: “What is at the top of your must-see list?” Me: “Since we don’t have much time, we’re thinking the National Mall.” Sarah: “Oh! Is that the mall with three floors of shops?”