parenting and the radio

When you’re chatting in the car and the child says, “turn up the radio” mid-conversation, it means they want you to stop talking and leave them alone. When your child says they like a song that was released before they were born, it was either: A. a song on Glee, “Yes, but Glee did it […]

Apologies to Frozen

Do you want to play with Legos? Please let me in to play You never choose me anymore Open your door You’re growing up and away We used to play together And now we don’t I wish I understood why Do you want to play with Legos? Maybe you’d rather play some Minecraft. Misappropriated lyrics […]

iPod anxiety

I am creating my own weapons of mass distraction and cleaning up my iPod before we leave for DC. I don’t think anyone in the car wants to listen to The Partridge Family, theme songs to animated movies or some of the politically incorrect but anatomically accurate Monty Python tunes. Adam Sandler and Steve Martin […]