Twitter + Tumblr = pulse rate

Then – A phone call alerted you to turn on the television. You searched the very limited channels for a man at a desk with a microphone. Then, you passively watched, waited and wondered. Now – Twitter is the CB radio background noise of what’s happening in the world. It’s loud. It’s fluffy. It’s angry. […]

Today we learned:

1. Never ride a Greyhound bus or walk barefoot in downtown Nashville. 2. In an earthquake, Twitter is more fun and informative than Facebook. 3.Even the most physically and mentally active people are vulnerable, but they remain superheroes. 9:30 pm Aspie Caveman quote: “Was there an earthquake today?”

because Twitter isn’t my real estate

“Things I don’t care about: 1. A twitpic of underpants. 2. How someone eats their food.” “Things I do care about: 1. My children wearing clean underpants. 2. All children having healthy food to eat.” A few minutes after I tweeted, I saw this.

Last night in tweets

It’s tweet the school board mtg time. Pictures and plaques for donors is the first task of the evening. The main floor of the City-County bldg is about 80% full and red stickers are the accessory of the evening. The red sticker – They are discussing a policy on civility in the schools. Ms. […]

Dear TechCrunch,

Baloney. Teenagers don’t like Twitter because their PARENTS use it. Who wants to go to a party with their mom? Twitter is also fundamentally different than Facebook. Twitter users like to talk politics and breaking news with random silliness thrown in to try and lighten the mood. Facebook is all about quizzes and random silliness […]

I still need professional media

I don’t need newspapers. I do need the people-formerly-known-as-newspaper-writers. I need an online news source that gathers only the truth from rumors on blogs and provides an honest and accurate explanation of local news. I need someone to explain the what if we do and what if we don’t of proposed political amendments. More than […]

I like my bubble

As Thanksgiving dinner digested and the children wandered off until they heard the word dessert, newspapers became one of our many topics of conversation. My mother expressed displeasure in the local paper’s recent changes and my father scoffed at my suggestion that he was the last generation to rely on newspapers. Actually, he laughed at […]