Dear TechCrunch,

Baloney. Teenagers don’t like Twitter because their PARENTS use it. Who wants to go to a party with their mom? Twitter is also fundamentally different than Facebook. Twitter users like to talk politics and breaking news with random silliness thrown in to try and lighten the mood. Facebook is all about quizzes and random silliness with the occasional cause thrown in for variety. Which one sounds more like a teenager? Facebook, which feels really confident in their success right now, needs to be aware that as more parents and grandparents start playing on the Facebook playground, teens are going to run, not walk to somewhere they don’t think they are being watched by adults. Teens are not afraid of Twitter. They are afraid to Tweet what they’re really thinking.


3 thoughts on “Dear TechCrunch,

  1. When my company occasionally decides to give us access to Twitter, that’s the only time I’m actually online. At my desk, 8:30-ish to 5-ish in the afternoon, with a break for lunch. On occasion, if there’s a hot topic going on I access it from my phone and activate the updates. But rarely outside that work window.

    When we don’t have access – I can’t use it. So I’m Twitterless, because I’m not in front of a PC (typically) the rest of the time until late at night. Then most everyone in my sphere is headed for bed.

    So how do other people use Twitter, if not when tied to their desks (or homes and home offices like you and Doug)? Are they using them completely mobile? I just can’t see being a completely mobile Twitterer. I don’t think that way, even if I could do it…

    I don’t have an opinion yet on teens and Twitter – strangely, my new teen hasn’t exhibited much interest in online presence at all yet. He occasionally uses his email address and only checks it when he knows someone has sent him something. He texts his friends sometimes and calls them less. He’s content to see them when he sees them.

    But then, he has yet to really discover the joy of girls. I suppose his time will come 🙂

  2. Your right, teens can care less about Internet. It’s once people start developing a mind set where they run to their computers for entertainment is where they become hooked. I’ve always had a computer in my household but never started using it full time until I turned 19. I discovered many outside intrests being discussed online, and wanted to get involved because I didn’t know these people. I slowly slipped away from reality cutting off all my friends, family, and even my job. After digging myself out of the gutter, I find that the Internet and computer are nothing but a toy. Thank god I’m back to my original pure mindset.

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