Last night in tweets

It’s tweet the school board mtg time.

Pictures and plaques for donors is the first task of the evening.

The main floor of the City-County bldg is about 80% full and red stickers are the accessory of the evening.

The red sticker –

They are discussing a policy on civility in the schools. Ms. Buttry does not support this.

Her complaint is that if we can’t force parents to be involved, we can’t tell them how to behave in schools. / I disagree.

Ms. Buttry will hereafter be referred to as Ms. B as she has a lot to say tonight.

Ms. B would like a detailed explanation of the protocol for emergency closures available online.

New Northshore school design being discussed because the homeowners near it are concerned about traffic pattern and …

the hvac, trash and design needs to blend with the neighborhood design codes.

Ms. B refuses to vote because she doesn’t approve of the site or the $ on a new school.

Ms. B has to express her disapproval of $ being spent on STEM school. Board chair expresses approval of capitol investment plan.

Ms. B wants to argue about STEM school costs.

Someone please bring Ms. B a Snickers bar.

For the record, Ms. B voted for the budget on accident, then voted against as well.

Next is a huge number of community members discussing sex ed.

First speaker – BHS parent. No PP. Compared PP to KKK.

Second parent – No PP. Thanks board, but wants more info about PP’s influence in schools.

Anti group wants teachers prevented from attendance at all PP trainings, mtgs, events.

Next speaker expresses that PP breaks laws and defies parental authority.

This speaker disagrees with PP answering student questions in a graphic manner. Apologized for using the word sperm in his example.

Next speaker expresses that anything beyond abstinence only is not allowed in our schools. “Students are coerced to use anatomical models.”

Speaker does not want students taught use of condoms and dental dams.

“Planned Parenthood sells sex.”

School Board Chair extremely patient with speakers going beyond their allotted time.

Knoxville OB/GYN does not refer his patients to PP, so schools should not. Claims PP condoms and BCP are designed to fail.

According to this Dr, local ERs have to deal with girls who lose uterus or die because of PP abortions.

FYI – That was Dr. Briggs speaking if you are seeking a new OB/GYN.

This speaker is complaining about Knox County KAPPI program and Cynthia Hudson.

More apologies before reading examples. Claims PP discusses making sex pleasurable instead of pregnancy prevention.

Next speaker suggests audience learn about PP from child predators website.

This speaker expresses that teens should not be taught about oral sex.

This parent has documented on their blog how PP makes millions by teaching sex to create the need for abortions.

This speaker claims this curriculum has been kept a secret from parents.

This speaker expresses that PP conducts a sales pitch for their abortion services. Now talking about Mona Lisa Project.

Oh, goody. It’s my parents’ pastor.

This speaker might be connecting PP to slavery, but I’m lost in a sea of quotes here.

Someone complaining that board chair is cutting every speaker short 30 seconds early even though each speaker has gone a minute over.

This speaker says nothing but abstinence is legally allowed in schools. Concerned PP handed out literature to students.

This speaker concerned that parents were excluded from decision to allow PP in schools.

This speaker very concerned about PP peer program that markets their abortion services. Concerned students will want condoms and more sex ed.

This speaker unhappy about the way the HVA parent who complained was ridiculed by press. Unhappy that a Bearden teacher was honored by PP.

This speaker concerned about PP using Kinsey research.

Speaker expresses that anyone who questions the perversions of Kinsey should not allow PP to “get our children”.

This speaker is a Dr who is discussing his patients suffering from the psychological consequences of sex and abortion.

Speaker asks board to support the good people in this room who don’t support evil.

Another speaker unhappy that a Bearden teacher was given a PP award and says that it is no accident PP wanted an abortion clinic in Bearden.

Speaker concerned PP curriculum is going to sneak into all classes. Is going to fight for elected Supers.

This speaker wants school teaching biology and STDs. Does not want sexual activities or relationships discussed.

This speaker does not want anyone teaching her children that “gay” is normal or healthy.

Speaker doesn’t want her children who opt out to be exposed second hand to other students talking about sex.

This speaker wants us all to know that he has to go potty.

This speaker concerned that PP doesn’t lead children to the healthiest option. He works for abstinence program. Discussing Kinsey again.

This speaker claims abstinence only is proven to be the only program that works.

This speaker says that kids who are asking questions need answers. Wants comprehensive sex ed, peer support and trained teachers.

This speaker asks students to speak up and say what they want and need.

Best speaker so far –

This speaker unhappy PP was kicked out before parents could give feedback. Wants PP back in schools.

I’m old, but this speaker looks like a teen to me. He is very unhappy that students now have no one to answer their questions.

This speaker wants us to know that sex ed determines where parents send their children to school. / Really?

This speaker wants teens taught that teen sex is wrong. Says that teens don’t have sex if they have close relationships with parents.

This speaker thanks board for removing PP and wants sex ed to ask students to have better behaviors.

Speaker says we should expect abstinence.

Dude, I knew you were a youth pastor before you said it.

Speaker prays we can go all the way and do something better for our kids.

This speaker is going to read the PP Q&A page.

This speaker concerned that PP teaching sex is beyond PP’s area of expertise. very unpopular with anti-PP speakers.

West High parent asks that Just Wait group be allowed in schools to teach students to protect their purity.

This speaker comparing KKK to PP. Second time tonight that parallel has been used.

This speaker had a child die of AIDS and says PP wouldn’t have saved his son from the homosexual lifestyle.

Board chair sounds exhausted.

Teen who is a PP peer would like audience to know that she is not brainwashed.

Very nervous Bearden teen says that PP does talk about abstinence as an option.

This HVA teen says PP is not the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy. Says students can say things to outside speaker they can’t say to teachers.

Senior from Missionaries for Life is unhappy that he has to speak about something so disgusting tonight.

He is going to read an abortion procedure handout to us.

Now he is talking about second graders performing oral sex in school.

Commissioner Wright is speaking about the new elementary school on Northshore.

I think we’re done. I’m going home to distribute condoms to the neighborhood.

Tonight I learned I live less than Innagaddadavita from the City-County Bldg. Oh, and Knoxville thinks sexuality is a dirty, dirty choice.

3 thoughts on “Last night in tweets

  1. After spending MY teen years in Knoxville, I’m not surprised. haha

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. How LONG was that meeting, anyway??

    Hilarious! 🙂

  2. Not to put too fine a point on it… but this is why I live in the NYC area. Oh, sure we have nutjobs that compare PP to the KKK, claim PP “promotes” sex and other such nonsense. However, they are a much smaller percentage of the population.

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