August 18, 1920 is not ancient history

In my idealistic imagination, I drape certain occupations in robes of dedication, purpose and diligence. The realist in me recognizes the value of consciously attending to documentation, rules and authority. In my head, idealism and realism are a necessary partnership. I see the election commission as the group who invisibly make a complicated task look […]

just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Every election day, I go to my community polling place to vote. I know with complete certainty that the workers have diverse political viewpoints, but not because we talk about it in that setting. One of the workers always recognizes me and asks about the children. While standing in line, most of us joke about […]

the family vote

I have always liked the excitement of voting on election day. It’s political junkie Christmas. This year, with the college freshman voting for the first time, it just seemed wise to be early voters. As always, we loaded up the entire family to visit the polls. “Why do we ALL have to go?” “Because it’s […]


cranky, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, bothered, bewildered, ticked, unhappy, aggravated Apparently Knoxvillians have the attention span of a 2-year-old. In order to prevent future ADD attacks on election day, please make a list of every elected official representing you. Print and paste it into your paper planner, store it on your PDA and keep a picture […]