Why is Caillou bald?

Someone comes to this blog searching for “why is Caillou bald” every single day. Apparently, it is a matter of great concern to a lot of people. I am more concerned about the lack of adult supervision for Max, Ruby, Dora and Diego. At least Caillou has adults who take care of him. Everyone worried about Caillou needs to relax. His name MEANS “bald head” or “smooth stone” in French. Maybe he gave himself a haircut and his mother had to repair the damage. Maybe his parents hate hippies. Maybe his town has a lice problem. He’s cute with that smooth little head. He’s bald because the artist likes him that way.

55 thoughts on “Why is Caillou bald?

  1. Listen. The creators themelves have stated that he is bald to represent all children. He has no curly blonde hair, or a brown stubble. He has no glasses or huge ethnic features.

  2. Except that he’s white, so I know the creators try to say he’s bald to “represent all children”, so if that is the case, why didn’t they make him olive-skinned?

  3. @Ben, he’s Canadian. That’s about as olive as skin gets in The Great White North, eh?! Hehe.

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