5 thoughts on “New uses for paparazzi

  1. Because the Paparazzi is the last saving grace of printed news sources. Because most (if not all) of these guys are paid buy huge corporate conglomerates now. Because Huge Corporate Conglomerates have lobbyists… and campaign cash.

    Those are the “people” that our government seems more worried about “protecting” than those of us who don’t have $25K to help fund their re-election bids.

    And Privacy? You want Privacy? Sorry, nobody gets any privacy unless you work for Bush. THEN secrets can be kept.

  2. You were going good until the third item. I think you’ll find that Oak Ridge doesn’t use human test subjects. In fact, they probably don’t have test subjects of any kind. It’s not needed. That kind of data is readily available from other “sources.”

    (That last word was an intentional pun.)

  3. Jay – You know I’m not talking about keeping secrets. I’m talking about being able to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom without it being photographed and broadcast to the world. Why can’t the paparazzi follow the bad guys around and make their lives completely public? Nosybodies will still obsess, just over people who deserve harassment.

  4. Oak Ridge students around WWII were used as test subjects. Uranium was put in the students food. The information wasn’t released until no living subjects were left (like 50 years later).

    Now, I could be getting the facts messed up. I may be confusing this with the flouride study where people were secret given flouride treatments but regardless its the same concept. People in Oak Ridge were test subjects without their knowledge.

    Oak Ridge and Knoxville could be test subjects today in the name of national security. They sure were pushy about that flu mist!

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