useless behavior patterns

I make stickers of cartoon panels and stick them in my planner. When I had an office, comic strips covered the bulletin board. In college, I glued comic strips into my textbooks. In high school, I thumbtacked cartoons to my walls. In middle school, I kept a favorite strip in my pocket. In elementary school, […]

The Simpsons Marathon

You don’t need to watch the entire marathon. Check off the episodes that you do watch. Watch the missing episodes the next time you are stuck in bed with the plague. The Simpsons schedule/episode list

Beware the Monarch

I spend enormous amounts of time sitting in the car, waiting to shuffle children from one activity to another activity. It’s peaceful time that I spend writing, reading, chatting and (occasionally) killing zombies without the distraction of laundry and dishes. Unless the air is so funky that my breathing sounds like Wheezy, I roll down […]

Dear Wubbzy,

The newest 4-y-o and the almost 7-y-o have a deep and abiding love for all things Wubbzy. Our first Wubbzy product was a Wubbzy beanie. The best thing about it is the flexible tail. Countless hours have been spent by ALL the members of our family making coils, angles and shapes with that tail. This […]