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I like talking politics with the brother who can’t vote. I don’t like blogging politics. I wish my brother blogged his political views. I wish his wife blogged her political experiences.

I like Obama even though he is young and inexperienced. He has a good team, but I just don’t think he can handle the shark-infested waters of international politics. I like Hillary except she’s a cold-blooded politician more than a person and she can’t heal the partisan rift that divides our country. Edwards is popular where Obama and Hillary aren’t and since Hillary won’t team with Edwards, Edwards should team with Obama.

Thompson needs to team up with one of the other Republicans or drop out. Mitt is probably your least unlikeable candidate. I really don’t care which of them makes it to the final round. They all make me queasy in their own special hate-filled way.

Update: Richardson’s available now. He would make a nice VP and future President. You know, part of me thinks the Republicans are pulling our strings by making us think it’s all about Hillary and Obama so they can swoop in and take it away for yet another four years of war-mongering.

8 thoughts on “red and blue thoughts

  1. I’m curious what you think Obama’s qualifications to be president are? This isn’t a dig – I don’t particular care for any of the candidates – I’m just curious to see how you think he would be a good president. Not a good candidate, or nominee, but the actual POTUS.

  2. It’s well established that Obama lacks experience. Obama has my trust. I believe that he is a good person with the intelligence and desire to lead this country to the best of his ability. Current president – none of the above. Hillary has a ruthless willingness to make deals the devil that would serve us well, but limit her to one term.

  3. Right, yes, but there are lots of people out there with intelligence and desire to lead the country to the best of his ability. I could do that. But it doesn’t mean I can be president. What, in your mind, tells you he has the ability and/or talent to actually do that job?

  4. No, you don’t want it and you know that. These are the choices we have and we can’t fantasize in other candidates.

  5. O.k. you know I am not a partisan (ROFL) This is my question for you to answer. Who determined that Republicans are Red and Democrats are Blue. I really like blue. Most of my ties since I became a politician in 1982 have different blues in them. I didn’t own any red and haven’t bought a lot of red. Are they just trying to make me buy more fashion?

  6. I’m sure blue is for blue collar. Is the red for spending? Fondness for war? Do Independents wear white? What if I want to wear stars? Nobody wants to wear stripes. Too prison themed.

  7. o.k. I deserve that for asking the question. Cathy’s was way to serious and Doug’s was way to funny. I will now go back under the rock.

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