Saturday was a blur. Friday night the two boys went to their grandparents. Friday afternoon and evening were spent selling Girl Scout cookies. Saturday morning was a Girl Scout meeting. Straight home to sell cookies again. I could feel a migraine lurking in the background. Light and sound sensitivity were quite high. Then rushed Sarah off to a birthday party while Doug worked on his attempts to create an organized system to control our finances (minuses the money though). Picked up Sarah and took all the children to my parents. Went to a Geocaching mtg and got to put faces to the many names we have seen on the Geocaching boards. Would have been more fun if my migraine hadn’t chosen then to make its’ full presence felt. Drove home with ears ringing and head throbbing. Doug picked up Tommy and Amy while I writhed in bed.

Today I need to continue my quest to catch up on our dirty laundry and clean the downstairs but I don’t feel like doing anything.

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