We went to the sham of an IEP and signed their stupid papers saying we agree to put Tommy back in the classroom. One woman in the mtg was just fulfilling her political role by being there. She smiles and makes nice and knows nothing about anything. The vice-principal who can’t even pronounce Aspergers was there. Doug and I tried to talk about Tommy and how he does to closed ears. The classroom teacher smiled and bounced around like a cheerleader. “This will be fun.” Then there was the woman who we fought with all last year. She talked through clenched teeth and glared at us. She told last year’s teacher not to call us or take calls from us. She wants parents to stay away and let the school system train children to be good little institutionalized zombies. I really hate that woman. I left the mtg angry and upset. They ignored every word we said. I’m not sitting back calmly and playing nice like last year. I am ready to battle these people tooth and nail. They are NOT treating my son like a second class citizen.

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