Internet is acting screwy again. I can’t view any of my favorite blogs (Doug’s, Tommy’s, Dean’s, etc.) and I’m getting e-mail dated yesterday and the day before.

Bill Gates is going to end up charging for e-mail and make even more money.

Dear Mr. Gates,
Could I please have some money. You have more than you could possibly ever spend while we have none. I’d really like my house to not look like a construction zone. I’d like to get professionals out since we failed our radon test and have live mold in our walls. I’d like to give my special needs child the education he deserves. I’d like to be able to get medical care for my toddler, my husband and myself. We currently have no insurance and avoid the doctor because of (1)the horrible expense and (2) our fear of “pre-existing conditions” keeping us from EVER getting insurance. We would really appreciate some of your wealth trickling down on us.
Thank you,
Cathy McCaughan

3 thoughts on “107576480281790548

  1. Doug and I agree to disagree on the black and green stuff on the bathroom walls (and wood underneath).

    Of course we’ll share with Dean and Jeni. They are struggling pioneers just like we are.

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