Still thinking of the Janet Jackson incident since the fifth grader came home from school to tell me that “all the kids are talking about it.” 1. I still believe it was on purpose. 2. What is the big deal about showing a breast with the nipple covered? Breasts are all over the TV. I saw Diana Ross where an outfit like that on some awards show. The streaker ran around completely naked and everyone thought it was cute and funny but the showing the breast was just so horrible? Come on people. As a woman who has breastfed 4 children in restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, churches and many other public places I just don’t think a breast is something to be offended by or feared.

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  1. It was the probably most aired part of the superbowl here in australia – where NFL coverage is limited to the superbowl and thats it!
    I think it was more the way it was exposed not so much the exposure. What a great marketing move by Janet also. No better way to lift a sagging career. (Pun intended!)

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