The fifth grader came home complaining that EVERYONE got to watch the Superbowl but her. I reminded her that she has never been interested in football and asked her if she was upset about missing the halftime show. Her answer was “Yes. I want to see Justin Timberlake grab Janet Jackson’s booby.” In case you missed the hidden message in her answer, she was interested in Justin Timberlake, not Janet Jackson’s “booby”. I calmly informed her that she could find the pictures on the Internet if she really felt deprived. My answer flabbergasted her and the conversation ended. I honestly believe that if the seven-year-old had been watching (and prob the 13-y-o) they would have just thought “Oh, she must be going to feed a baby.” My kids and every child in the neighborhood have seen my breasts a million times with a baby attached. It’s only been a few days since I quit nursing so I’m sure it’s still freshly imprinted on their little brains. So, this will be the last time I comment on Janet Jackson. It’s just a breast America. Get on with the things that matter and stop acting all shocked. You’ve all seen them, touched them or have them. I live in the deep south and I’ve seen men with bigger breasts than Janet Jackson running around without shirts. End of hysteria over nothing.

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