Rain sounds made for a pleasant night’s sleep. Up and dressed quickly this morning. No time for a bath. Went to see Noah dressed as Daniel Boone at his school’s wax museum. Too cute! This morning he had a bad headache and didn’t think he could make it through the day but now that his shift at the museum is over he suddenly feels fine.

Amy is in a good mood (as usual) but her grandmother left lipstick kiss marks on her head and she doesn’t like having her face washed so I’m ignoring them for now.

The rain is coming down hard and Doug and I are both nervous that the basement (otherwise known as our bedroom) might flood. Some schools in our area are closed because of the flooding. The weather is supposed to turn colder tonight and we may have snow tonight. I want snow, but I need to have the Girl Scout meeting tomorrow so I can get everyone’s cookie order forms. Some of the girls will forget theirs and I’ll have to track them down because paperwork is due to council on Monday.

Noah's costume

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