Noah had a friend over to spend the night. The kids all watched Pokemon and ate popcorn until I forced lights out at 11 p.m. Too much to do tomorrow to stay up all night.

Up early to bathe and wash hair for a busy day. At our scout meeting EVERY girl turned in their order form. This is so unbelievably good and unusual. Most leaders will spend the next week chasing down order forms. I am very happy to have all the forms. I do have one form out because the store where we meet unexpectedly asked us to leave a form there for a day so the employees could order. Two wonderfully lucky gifts in one day! Near the end of the meeting my head started to throb and it came so out of the blue I was physically knocked down. I don’t know if it was stress, not getting sleep or what that caused it. I was supposed to attend some leader training but I knew my head would be so bad that I’d be down for three days if I went so I called in sick. I hate missing appointments. I am staying calm and comfortable to try and fight off this headache. Of course, Tommy will be home any second and then the potential for noise and stress multiplies greatly. He went to a boat show this morning, so he might be jolly. We’ll see.

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