We watch a lot of children’s programming over here. Too much according to the 10-year-old. “I’m the ONLY fifth grader who has to watch Sesame Street instead of Good cartoons.” So, we’re planning on watching the newest incarnation of “Blues Clues” tonight. I have to confess that I’m not watching with an open mind. After watching the previews I had a creepy “PeeWee’s Playhouse” deja vu. I think the decision to use less animation and real characters was made by the marketing department. I also think it takes away from what was a very sweet concept.

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  1. Does our poor deprived 10 yr old not know that there are 2 televisions in the house with cable access, 1 with local (antennae) access, and 1 with a ps2/dvd player attached. That’s not counting her own portable dvd player and the 2 dvd player’s attached to the tvs with cable and the dvd player in one of the computers. Oh. And 2 vcrs.

    Hmm.. Totals:
    tvs: 4
    cable acces: 2
    dvd players: 5
    vcrs: 2

    I think she can find something to watch. 🙂

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