Quiet morning. Amy slept in after staying up an hour past bedtime to watch Blues Clues. The sleep did her good because she has the giggles today. Doug is in a good mood since he got his half of the office a bit cleaner over the weekend.

I’ve watched the new Blues Clues twice now and I maintain my belief that it was written by the marketing department. I can even see exactly what toys will appear on the market. Stuffed Polka-Dot with pocket for talking key (sold separately), Locking Blue’s room box (furnishings sold separately), Roaring dino, Drawing board game, Fred’s party ware, etc. etc.

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  1. I got the new blues clues out on DVD tonight for the kids – I haven’t seen any yet cos I was busy, except about 30 seconds of Joe in a dodgy steve shirt. I want steve back…

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