I watched the first half of Westminster last night. I was disappointed to see yet another poodle going to the finals. I have nothing against poodles. I just want to see more of the other breeds getting a chance at best in show. It seems like a given that if a poodle is in the top 7, the poodle is going to win. There are so many other breeds out there that never make it because poodle breeding is down to a fine art.

Tommy has group therapy this afternoon. Noah is bringing a friend home from school. “Hello? This is Jason’s mother. The boys arranged for Jason to ride the bus home with Noah and I just wanted to tell you that is okay with me.” “Umm, gee I had no idea but okay, we’ll see Jason tomorrow.” I need to take both the girls and get them new sneakers. Amy’s are too small and Sarah’s are falling apart (not to mention the doodles she has done all over them). Tonight I have a Girl Scout service unit (bunch of leaders in this area) meeting. I can imagine their faces when I hop up and leave after one hour. “Sorry, but Westminster is starting and I have to get home.” Doug is TENSE today.

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  1. Cathy, I have come to the conclusion that you are a fantastic Mom! Hang in there, you will come out of all this with a huge beautiful smile! 😉

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