Quiet rainy/slushy day makes me sleepy. I realize that I never finished describing the residents of our cove. I talked about truck guy at the end of our cove and about contractor and renters to our right. I also did nice family on our left. That just leaves three houses.

Directly across from us are the oldest residents of the cove. They, like many in this neighborhood, have been here since the neighborhood was new. They are now retired and except for their daily trip to the local “cafeteria-type restaurant” for breakfast, rarely leave their house. However, they spend a large part of their day sitting in front of their large living room window or (on nice day) sitting in their screened-in porch. They watch EVERYTHING that goes on in this cove and somehow know what everyone is doing. Doug likes to wander over there to get updated on the cove gossip. They don’t have as much to talk about since the nice family moved in to our left (I already explained the drug addict/bank robber that lived there before them) and the contractor moved in to our right (already explained the strange family dynamics there).

Beside the retirees across from us are two very large women (one is an aunt but they both look the same age) who work in nursing homes. They keep to themselves unless you annoy them. If you do they call the police every time you do ANYTHING. We have managed to stay on their nice side so far (I can’t imagine how) but renters next door are on their hit list right now.

Next to aunt-niece is the recluse. Recluse claims to be a millionaire and has built a large wood fence all the way around his property so that it is impossible to even knock on his door. He has cameras on his roof for security and I can tell by the trash that has gone to his curb, buys computer equipment and musical instrument accessories regularly.

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