More reasons to move the computer upstairs despite it breaking my “no new projects” edict that I’ve given Doug. So, Sarah already goes completely silent when I walk in her room during a phone call. She just gets this blank look on her face and stares at me until I leave. Today she asks to use my computer to IM a friend and I said fine just don’t change the settings which the kids love to do (I don’t know why). Then, she gives me that same look and stare because I’m standing beside her to see what she’s going to do. I pretended not to notice but noises from the other children sent me out of the room and as I left the room I could hear my keyboard tap-tapping.

Doug took Noah to Boy Scouts and Noah came home happy as a clam. Sarah is begging me to play a board game with her so I’m going to tuck Amy in and go play a game that will inevitably end up being too long for Sarah’s attention span. “Umm, can I go paint my fingernails?”

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