I was going through e-mail withdrawal and my computer looks like it’s going to be disassembled for a good bit of time so I’m borrowing Doug’s PC. Hard to do because I don’t like his keyboard and don’t know his OS. Expect typos.

The computer move has begun. It is part upstairs, part downstairs and the cable is run in what I hope is a temporary location (pictures later). I have spent my downtime finishing my planner cleanup as much as possible. The last bit of work requires information off my computer and the use of the Covey forms software.

Amy is active today. Her favorite word now is definitely “no”. Sarah is still warm but feeling much better. She was very upset that I wouldn’t let her go out to play. Tommy is antsy and nervous. Noah is happily playing with a friend,

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  1. our two yer old has just been through a 5-6 month period of NO as her favorite word used in answer to any questions or statement
    Very frustrating at times!

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