My computer is now upstairs! It has technically been up here for about 5 hours now but I am just now getting to use it. First, Doug had to have a video chat with his sister and some friends in Australia. Oh, did I mention that I didn’t even get to bathe today? So you can imagine how lovely I felt. Because I felt so very pretty Doug decided to do a reality program and broadcast the evening meal with the camera pointed right at me. My favorite part of the meal? Doug asking what happened to my forehead. Umm, nothing dear. That’s just a pimple that I didn’t get to put makeup on today. So I felt a little fried by the time I got everyone fed, bathed and tucked in and I flopped on the couch to defuse. Doug became captain paranoid and announced that I was pissed and stomped off to bed. The good part of this is that he’s finally getting some sleep. The bad part is that I can’t work this out without waking him and upsetting him further. If I just password my computer we won’t have this problem again. đŸ™‚

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