Up at the crack of dawn, no, up before the dawn and most of Knoxville. Took Sarah to a small radio station downtown so that she could be interviewed about Girl Scout cookies. I thought she’d be nervous. This is the child who freaked out at the last minute and refused to do her flower-girl duties at her uncle’s wedding. Sarah was happy, calm and very well spoken. She got stuck for a minute when listing the two new cookie flavors, but she pulled it off. Afterward I drove her to Krispy Kreme for a sugary breakfast before taking her to school. Happy and proud, she insisted on wearing her scout vest to school.

When I got home Tommy was dressed and reading on the couch while Doug chatted on the phone. Amy was awake in her crib and Doug got her up while I began my morning routine.
1. Read e-mail (block spam senders as I go)
2. Read favorite blogs
3. Post my blogs
4. Clean upstairs

I’m really looking forward to my, I mean Amy’s nap today. 🙂

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