Ten o’clock and only my second blog today. Too busy living life to blog it.

Spent the first half of the day at Thinking Day with 6 girl scouts, one visitor, one sibling, a college student and another mother. That was just our troop. There were 14 troops and the brownie troops were 15-20 girls each. Lots of giggling and wiggling and not completely paying attention to the older girls who were trying to lead the program, but I think everyone had fun. I had fun but I’m really glad it’s over. I had two parents take their girls to the regular meeting place and time despite printed flyers, e-mailed flyers, e-mailed directions and even a phone call reminder. One of the parents was just irritated, the other was downright cranky. I feel terrible about the mixup and wonder if next time we shouldn’t just meet and travel together.

Spent the second half of the day looking at a “summer camp expo” at the mall. The children all picked up stickers, pencils and candy. I have a mountain of brochures to camps we can’t afford. Visited with the great-grandmother briefly. Came home and watched Noah do some homework as well as read a book then took Noah to the grandparents for the night. Home at 9. Checked e-mail. Blogged quickly. Now I’m going to collapse in bed and stay as long as possible.

“Haze” was a very nice little book. Target audience is teens, but there’s a little message in there for parents.

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  1. that comment was from Tim, not me. He just forgot to change the sender details. Hope you had fun at the thinking day. From Judith

  2. what do you do with “instruction challenged people”?
    if you give them instructions they don’t follow them and when you don’t give them they get cranky for not getting any – that they werent going to follow anyway… – maybe we just need to take them out and shoot them then us organised people could have life all tied up in nice neat little boxes and pigeonholes and we wouldnt see the need for any of this instructions stuff at all cos we would be so organised that we would know how and where to do anything before it even happened and life would become so predictable and boring and i don’t know if theres a limit to the number of ands in a sentence but i must be getting near to the limit by now and that wouldn’t be good because limits are things you are supposed to stick to and never break and that is also boring and predictable. There i did it. I made a period! And another one. Oh no – now I have to click the submit button. Just do it already!

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