Doug is downstairs working and after hearing Amy thud a few times and then cry a lot he decides she is sick and goes into panic and anxiety mode. If he was up here he’d see that she is fine. She was happily watching tv until I enforced my new “1 hour on=1 hour off rule”. When I turned on music instead of television she spent a solid 30 minutes throwing herself on the floor, crying and throwing things. I am blogging now because the tv is back on and she is happily staring at it. When I go to turn it off in 20 minutes the tantrum will resume. This will go on for several days until she accepts the limits on her tv viewing.

Tommy started on a new bus today. I am not happy about it but will wait 1 week to see what happens. Doug and I are going to see Jeff Foxworthy Wednesday. Yay! A night out alone. Almost a date. Not really a date though because we are too poor to go so we signed up as Red Cross volunteers for the event and that gets us in for free. I saw Lyle Lovett as a Red Cross volunteer and there were no medical problems so I just sat and enjoyed the show. I don’t expect any real problems at a Jeff Foxworthy show. If we signed up to go to a thrash metal concert we’d be really busy with the gauze so I think we’ll avoid those.

I need to use the next 15 minutes to get dressed so I’ll quit the blog here. I need to visit the bank and the dry cleaners this morning. Tonight is the dreaded cookie booth lottery. Doug posted the Thinking Day pictures for me at: Thinking Day pictures.

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