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  1. And Cathy’s neurosis is taking something that happened once eons ago and calling it a habit.

    The pen story to which she referred happened when I was “cleaning” during the great depression of the summer of 2000 while going through business failure and more. I haven’t done such a thing since and am quite good about throwing things away.

    The make-up brush to which she refers was sitting on top of the trash in the bathroom trash can. Amy currently has a fixation with throwing things away. I don’t dig through the garbage but will look on top of what’s in the can to see if Amy has “cleaned house.” I thought I was looking out for Cathy’s best interest.

  2. and you can follow that with the broken (insert object here) that you were going to fix one day but its been sitting there for 3 years. – obviously its not really important and you are never going to use it.
    Actually thats the hardest thing to do – i find that throwing things with “value” away – even if i havent used it for 3 years and probably never will get round to fixing it and using it – real hard. Moving house helps with that!

  3. Doug searches through every bag of trash before it goes out to make sure we’re not throwing away anything good. He’ll spend hours trying out pens to see if they work. It’s probably my least favorite of his OCD behaviors and I think an excellent example of why he can’t possibly get all the things he wants to do done.

  4. Goug the first step in getting over it is admitting it happens.
    you are in GDD mode (Garbage Dig Denial)
    Therapy will start with throwing that broken monitor on top of the filing cabinet out the door and then swinging the axe through its screen!

  5. I am jealous! We wanted to see that show but it was sold out! I am sure you’ve seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour video. If not, you must rent it soon!

  6. I don’t mean to make Doug sound like a homeless person (his words) but he still digs through the garbage at least once a week.

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