My two cents on The Passion of the Christ. Let me preface this by saying that I was raised in a VERY Baptist home. We were at church three times a week and I had to go to private school so I would only be around “good, Christian people”. That said, my father is all excited about this movie. It has been well marketed to churches as being made for the right reasons and sinful, Jewish Hollywood is trying to stop its’ message. So, my father excitedly said “Who is going to the movie with me?” Doug said “I will” because Doug likes going to see any movie (you would think he’d be able to recognize actors). I said no because frankly, if I avoid all slasher and horror movies, why would I go watch someone being murdered. Cartoon-like violence against obviously pretend people is tolerable but this is real people doing real things. I don’t watch movies based on “real-life” murders for the same reason. Too horrible. Ever since Mel Gibson’s comment that his own wife is going to hell I’ve stopped caring about this movie or the well-done publicity campaign. My father may NOT take my children to this movie.

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  1. a friend went and saw it tonght – she loved it but she said she wont go back – too gruesome and had to look away lots

  2. I grew up in a Baptist home. Thank God they did not send me to a church school, however.

    I agree with you on viewing a murder scene in a movie. My brother in law wants to take the whole family to see it.

    I told my husband last night that I know what I believe and I don’t need a bloody gory movie to show it to me.

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