Doug and I left my parents in charge of the children and we went to see Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the cable guy. We had fun, laughed and didn’t have to worry about anyone wandering off. Tommy is happily snoring, dreaming about the fun he’ll have getting a sick day tomorrow. Sarah and Noah have their pjs on backwards because “everybody” knows that it makes it snow. Apparently school is where you go to learn stupidity. I want to go in and peek at Amy since I didn’t tuck her in but Doug would probably kill me if I did. I think I should find some dinner. A few bites of pretzel just doesn’t make me feel like I had food. Doug ate two pretzels, a hot dog and a few cokes. The idea of free soda and half price food just thrilled him. Today’s accomplishments:
1. bathed, shaved legs and washed hair
2. visited library and got paperwork for using their meeting space
3. e-mailed badge order
4. had a date with my husband
5. visited pharmacy for Sarah & Tommy’s scripts

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