The boys fell asleep just after 11 which was pleasantly surprising. Of course it’ll take me all day to clean the house and today is my usual laundry day. I did get the support group flyer finished and e-mailed last night. Now I need to make a yahoo group for the support group so that meeting reminders can go out automatically. I also need to get some guest moderators scheduled for the group. I haven’t heard back from the zoo about the Girl Scouts camping out there and the police officer hasn’t called to confirm the safety training yet. I need to get the safety class in the scout newsletter but I’ll do that today.

Sarah is at a birthday party right now and later today she has a swimming party. Tonight Doug and my father are going to see “The Passion”. Doug still has a sore throat and therefore can’t do anything but sleep, watch tv and be cranky. In a day or two he’ll get the suffed head and runny nose to go with his sore throat.

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