The captain continues his declaration of innocence in the near-drowning incident. His boat was broken and he couldn’t stop to help me out of the water. If his boat was so broken he should have stayed away from the figure struggling in the water. Every time he drove by his boat spat out fuel that choked me. Despite my pleading him to fix the leak, he continued to deny the leak and pollute the waters.

While struggling in the water these past three days I continued my efforts to clean up the debris from the schools of fish as they swam by me. My efforts went unnoticed unless I failed to replace one of the corals they’d knocked astray. I managed to knit some seaweed into a blanket with my toes and only need some help seaming the edges but everyone is too busy to help me with my blanket. I also attempted to help a small fish that the captain had only replaced one fin on and needed the other fin replaced. The surgery was difficult without the captain’s tools and skill and I need his help in stitching up the open incisions before the fish gets lost at the bottom of the sea.

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