Left the house and took the wrong Interstate exchange. One quick turnaround and I made it to the scout store. Amy proceeded to scream and cry because I wouldn’t let her destroy the displays the entire time we were there. Left there and made a wrong turn which had me in a strange and unfamiliar part of town. I wandered confused until I found a major street (although an unfamiliar one) named Broadway. Drove Broadway until I found an Interstate entrance got on and hurriedly tried to get home before Sarah and Noah. Fifteen minutes later I arrived at the Broadway exit! I wanted to cry. Turned the car around and cursed the entire rest of the drive home. Got home to two angry children who had been standing on the front porch for 15 minutes. Tossed them in the car and rushed off to get Tommy from his school with Noah asking repeatedly “Can we go get a snack and sodas?”

Picked up Tommy and rushed to group therapy where I did a horrible mother thing and just left him there even though I know I should watch him until the doctor takes the boys back to his office. Rushed to the office store to make copies of Girl Scout paperwork, cookie recipes for our booth and the Support Group flyer. Picked up the free donuts that the children get for A’s on their report card and then rushed back to the psychologist’s office. Shortly after my father dropped off Doug at the therapists per my request (“I’m not driving any more today.”) and Doug chatted with another mother while I chased Amy.

Grabbed a quick dinner from Sonic and went to a “Dr.Seuss’s birthday” event at the bookstore. Came home late for blogging and laundry before collapsing in the bed. I have major stress stomach. This week just gets worse and worse.

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  1. sounds like a rough day
    it can be a nightmare coordinating all the stuff sometimes – i know how you feel
    well the week has got to get better now!
    the good news was you got all that stuff done, the kids and doug are all happy and there were no accidents or disasters! (apart from the cherry coke!)
    Tims Helpful Hints #46 – rub dirt into the carpet repeatedly near the coke stain – then you wont notice the coke stain.

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