Tried to make myself be functional when Doug sent me upstairs to watch Tommy while he drove carpool but I just couldn’t do it. Being upstairs before 8 was progress though so I’ll keep working on it. I’ve almost gotten the materials prepared for Saturday’s scout meeting and my mother is going to let me borrow her lift truck. Now I need to do some cleaning as best I can before putting Amy down for her nap. When Amy goes down to nap I can make much better progress on my chores.

Oh, a word about being lost yesterday. After it was all over, I called Doug on the cell phone to whine about how bad I felt and announce that I would not be driving any more. Doug failed to mention that my father was at that very minute lost and talking to my mother on his cell phone to get driving directions. My point being that it is not my fault I have zero sense of direction skills. It is obviously some sort of genetic disability that scientists have yet to discover.

If I say the word “nose” to Amy she runs and hides her face so that I can’t wipe her nose.

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