Stayed up LATE packing for Doug and then we were too tired to do anything but collapse. The alarm went off at 5 and then again at 6 when I actually had to get up. Made a zombie Sarah get out of bed and then I woke Noah. Sat down to read e-mail then gave Tommy his meds. Went back to prodding Sarah and Noah to complete getting dressed. Forced Tommy out of bed and kissed Doug good-bye. Waved good-bye to Sarah and Noah as Josh’s mother generously agreed to do morning carpool the rest of the week. Brushed Tommy’s hair and sent him on his way. Jumped in the bath to quickly bathe and wash my hair. Amy woke while I was bathing so I quickly finished and went to rescue her from the port-a-crib.

Changed a diaper then sloppily dried and ironed my hair before splashing makeup on my face. Dressed Amy and rushed out the door. Checked Tommy out of school and took him to therapy. After Tommy’s time with the doctor I got lectured because I haven’t done anything about the teasing that Tommy has been getting at school. I only found out about this yesterday. Grabbed Tommy some Chic-fil-a then took him back to school. Drove to my mother’s work to leave the 5 cases of cookies her co-workers ordered. Drove to the scout office to tell my SU manager that I can’t do tonight’s meeting but she wasn’t there. Looked for a shirt that I saw on another leader only to learn that shirt had been discontinued. Rats. Drove home and here I am now, blogging. I need to get done and go wash dishes.

Tonight I’m putting Amy in the crib. I see two potential problems there. First, my evening TV watching may wake her. Second, the morning alarm clock will definitely wake her. We’ll just have to hope she learns to ignore those sounds. Sarah needs her room back and Amy should be sleeping in her crib.

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