The house seems quiet but the noise in my head resembles a crowded gymnasium. I’ll start with the oldest child and work my way down the list. Tommy needs a hair cut and new shoes. Tommy’s teacher denies any bullying and I think she’s wrong. She also wants Tommy to repeat 8th grade just like they said wanted back in 7th grade. So frustrating and aggravating to feel like they are still trying to shove Tommy out of the way. Tommy has been trying to sell scout cookies to win Sarah’s affections and Sarah isn’t giving an inch in her hatred of him.Things are hard enough for Tommy. He shouldn’t have to beg for love from his family.

This leads directly to Sarah who I love dearly but I am getting very angry with her hatred of Tommy. She is not being fair or kind. She is doing well on cookie sales thanks to the efforts of her extended family. She has therapy today and I don’t see any progress being made in her relationship with Tommy which was why we put her in therapy in the first place. She seems to be doing ok in school but could do better if she would make more of an attempt to study. “I already looked at it.”

Noah still gets in trouble every day for talking too much. He and his teacher don’t have a good relationship and everything Noah does bugs the teacher while everything the teacher does gets ignored by Noah. In Noah’s defense I have to say that I have heard nothing but complaints about this teacher from the other class parents. They ALL complain about the teacher being short and rude with them and complaing about every little thing. Noah got a note one day last week because he was making himself burp in the lunchroom. So what??

Amy is acting more like a 2-year-old every day. Playing dress-up, pretending with toys and asserting her opinions. She has outgrown most of her clothes. She is funny and happy and just an all around joy. She has discovered the outdoors and now begs to go outside. I wish we had one small flat area of yard that was grass and not ditches, steep hills, poison sumac, rocks, or dog poop.

I need to do some cleaning before the afternoon chaos begins. First I’m going to get some spaghetti sauce cooking in the crock pot.

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